Commissioner of Revenue Applications & Tax Forms

Forms by Section

To access the appropriate forms, please select the desired section below or by using the links to the left.

  • Administrative & Change Request Forms - This section provides several administrative forms. This includes submitting an update for your mailing address, appointing a representative, etc.
  • Business Forms - This section provides forms for filing a new business license, renewing your existing business license, submitting a change request for your business license, etc.
  • Consumer Tax - This section provides consumer tax registration forms as well as payment coupons.
  • Personal Property - This section provides forms for notifying the Commissioner of Revenue’s office of new vehicles as well as vehicles that have been sold, traded, etc.
  • Real Estate - This section provides real estate assessment forms, materials and guides.
  • Tax Relief & Exemption - This section provides forms for taxpayers to file for real estate and personal property exemptions.
  • VA Dept of Taxation - This is a direct link to the VA Dept of Taxation forms page.

Accessing Documents

Applications and forms are available in PDF formatted, which allows you to complete them on your computer and print them exactly as they appear on your screen. Acrobat Reader is needed to view the documents.

Help with Forms

If assistance is needed for any application or tax form, please do not hesitate in contacting our office. For Business License, Consumer Tax, or Personal Property form questions, please contact the Personal Property division at (804) 966-9610. For Real Estate form questions, please contact the Real Estate division at (804) 966-9611.

Unable to "Print Form" or "Submit by Email" in Browser

Some internet browsers do not support the "Print Form" or "Submit by Email" buttons located at the bottom of some forms. To use these buttons, you may try saving the form to your computer. Opening the file locally should enable to form to function as intended. With any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting our office.