Environmental Department Permit Hours

Completed applications (all information filled out, as well as required signatures) will be accepted Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 3:45 pm.

Incomplete applications (missing any information/documents or required signatures) will not be accepted.


ALL applications and forms submitted to the Environmental Department must be the current up-to-date version.


Payment will not be required upon permit application submittal. Payment will now be due upon receipt of the permit.


Please contact the Environmental Department to schedule Environmental Inspections, (804) 966-8580.



The Environmental Department is responsible for promoting harmonious relationships among the natural environment, the built environment, and those who inhabit them. Specifically, the department is responsible for:

  • Chesapeake Bay Preservation

    • Administering the Septic Tank Pump Out Program
    • Conducting public hearings for the CBPA board as needed
    • Issuing RPA modification and CBPA exception permits
    • Local implementation of the state’s Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act, as required by the Code of Virginia (Title 62.1, Chapter 3.1, Article 2.5)
    • Reviewing plans for environmentally sensitive features
  • Enforcement of rules and regulations adopted and mandated to the locality by:

    • DCR - Division of Chesapeake Bay Local Assistance
    • Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
    • Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC)
    • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Erosion and Sediment Control / Stormwater Management

    • Conducting erosion and sediment control inspections for commercial and residential sites on a bi-weekly basis
    • Issuing commercial and residential land disturbance permits, per the New Kent Code, Chapter 82, Article II
    • Local implementation of the State’s Erosion and Sediment Control Program and Stormwater Management Program, as required by law, Regulations and Certification Requirements (Title 62.1, Chapter 3.1, Article 2.3 - 2.4)
    • Reviewing plans for erosion and sediment controls and Stormwater Management