Open Burning

Listed below is a short summary of the open burning laws for New Kent County, based on the applicable county code. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact the New Kent Fire-Rescue Fire Marshal's Office at (804) 966-9618 | Ext #1.

Homeowners may burn small piles of yard debris, leaves, and brush between the hours of 4 p.m. and Midnight without a permit, if the following conditions are met:

  • The burning pile is 50 feet or more away from the dwelling.
  • It is in a controlled pile where there is no opportunity for fire spread.
  • The burning pile must not contain any refuse of plastics, rubber, hazardous materials, or petroleum products.
  • Any pile larger than normal household brush clearance MUST have a permit issued from the Fire Marshal's office, especially burning for the purposes of land clearing.
  • If a permit is required, it MUST be obtained by the Fire Marshal's office at least 14 days prior to the start of burning.

Apply for a permit here:New Kent County Burn Permit.