Utility Rates & Fees

Public Utilities Rates & Fees are set forth annually by the Board of Supervisors in the approved Public Utilities Budget, and become effective July 1 of each year. Applicable Rates & Fees may vary by service location. Contact Public Utilities for specific rates & fees.

All open accounts are subject to the minimum utility service charge, regardless of the usage.

To open or transfer a utility account, customers must submit a Transfer Application (PDF), along with the applicable fees. Rental property & tenant utility customers must also submit a signed Landlord Authorization Form (PDF) with their application & fees.

Customers wishing to voluntarily terminate service must do so by submitting a completed Termination of Service Form (PDF) to Public Utilities.

All Public Utilities rates & fees are assessed based on water meter size. Please contact Public Utilities regarding rates & fees for water meters larger than four (4) inches.

Water & Sewer Rates (effective July 1, 2023)

Utility bills, including sewer and irrigation (where applicable), are billed based on bi-monthly water meter readings and the applicable utility rates. Utility rate changes become effective July 1 of each year.

Residential Customers (5/8" water meter) 

0-6,000 gals

(minimum charge)

6,001-12,000 gals

(charge per 1,000 gals)

12,001-18,000 gals

(charge per 1,000 gals)

18,001 + gals

(charge per 1,000 gals)


Commercial Customers (by meter size)

Meter Size0-6,000 gals
(minimum charge)
6,001-12,000 gals
(charge per 1,000 gals)
12,001-18,000 gals
(charge per 1,000 gals)
18,001 + gals
(charge per 1,000 gals)

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2022 Annual Virginia Water and Wastewater Rate Report

Public Utilities Fees (effective July 1, 2023)

New Customers/Account Transfers

Water & sewer fees are based on the size of the water meter to be installed. All appropriate application fees must be submitted to Public Utilities with an application for a new or transferred utility account, prior to utility service being initiated. A non-refundable Administration Fee plus a Utility Account Deposit are required for all new & transferred accounts. Deposits are credited to the customer’s final bill after a written notice of the customer’s request to terminate service is received. Additionally, in order to establish utility service, other fees as listed below may apply.

Meter SizeAdmin. FeeWater
Availability Fee
Sewer Connection FeeSewer Connection Availability FeeWater Meter
Installation Fee
1 1/2"351540076352775076351,400
3"3552450245759562524575Per supplier invoice

In addition, a utility deposit is charged as follows:

Property OwnerWater

Some developments have waived, fixed or prepaid fees. As connection, availability & meter fees vary by subdivision, please contact Public Utilities to determine the exact fees for your location.

Irrigation Service & Meter

Construction Fee (service, meter box)                        1400

Meter only                          350

Returned Checks

There is a $35.00 fee for checks returned regardless of reason.

Testing Water Meter  $35

Reconnect Fee

There is a $50.00 fee to reinstate utility services which have been turned off by Public Utilities for non-payment. The fee is automatically assessed on the specified turn off date, regardless of whether utility service has been physically turned off or not. Please note that, except in the case of a billing error, Public Utilities cannot remove or credit reconnect fees once automatically applied.

An additional $50.00 fee is assessed to reinstate utility service after normal New Kent County business hours.


Plan Review and Construction Inspection Fee rates per linear foot of main line pipe.

Plan Review (per linear feet, $250 minimum)0.500.50
GIS As-Built Insertion (per linear feet)1.001.00
Construction Inspection Fee (per linear feet, $250 minimum)1.001.50