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Dog Licenses

Per Virginia Code 3.2-6524 all dogs four months of age or older shall be required to display a current valid dog license. 

As of the 2021 license year, New Kent County offers lifetime individual dog licenses. The annual dog license has been eliminated. The dog’s rabies vaccination must be kept current or the lifetime license is invalid. A copy of updated rabies vaccination certificates should be sent to Treasurer’s office after your dog receives required re-vaccinations.

Annual kennel license for 20 dog and 50 dog kennels are also available.

An individual lifetime dog license is $15, twenty (20) dog annual kennel tags are $25, and fifty (50) dog annual kennel tags are $35. Dangerous dog tags must be approved by the Animal Control Office before being purchased.

In order to purchase a license, the owner must present proof of a current rabies inoculation for the dog that is valid through the date of purchase.

Dog licenses are sold at the County Treasurer’s Office.

Lifetime Dog License frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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