New Kent County is excited for the second season of the New Kent Farmers Market. Due to COVID-19, the Market style, location and time have all been changed. The drive-through style market will now be held in the New Kent High School parking lot (7365 Egypt Rd, New Kent VA), and will be open 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. every Saturday beginning June 13. Customers MUST pre-order through vendors and pre-pay is encouraged. Find your favorite 2020 vendor and how you can pre-order through them for the June 13 market below.

**Pre-order deadline is Thursday prior to the Market, 12:00 p.m. (noon).

Bees Knees Farm & Creamery

Dennis & Sarah Williams of West Point
To pre-order:

Products for the 6/13/20 Market:
  • Goat cheese
  • Meat products

Bugle Call Coffee

Helen Montgomery of Quinton
To pre-order:
Payment options: Credit/debit card, PayPal
Instagram: @buglecallcoffee

Products for the 6/13/20 Market:
  • Ready to drink beverages - 12 oz. (Cold Brew, Lattes)
  • Coffee Blends (Morning Formation - Medium Roast, Black Knight - Dark Roast, Half-Caff)
  • Single Origin Coffee (Colombia, Zambia, Peru, Rwanda, Sumatra, Brazil)
  • Decaf (Swiss Water Process Ethiopia)
  • Gear (Mugs, coffee scoop & bag clip, T-shirts)

bugle call 1

Charles City Fruit

Peter Churins of Charles City
To pre-order: call or email
Payment options:

Products for the 6/13/20 Market:
  • Blenheim Apricots ($4/lb)
  • June Gold Peaches ($3/lb)

Blenheim Apricots

Lighter Moments

Alicia Lightell of New Kent
To pre-order: (please order by June 10 for June 13 Market)
Payment options: All major credit cards
Facebook: @lighter.moments.2

Products for the 6/13/20 Market:
  • Soy candles
  • Soy wax melts

soy candles


Tom Donaldson of Quinton
To pre-order:
Payment options: Cash or credit card (Square account)
Etsy website: LuminArtstainedglass

Products for the 6/13/20 Market:
  • Glowing Stained Glass Items
    1) Lamp Angels: (with hanger) $10 no glow, $12 glow  (colors: blues, greens, pink)

    2) Butterflies & Dragonflies: $10 no glow, $12 glow, $15 on a stake for flower boxes/gardens (colors: blues, greens, red, yellow)

    3) Moravian Star: $10 for 2D, $15 for 3D (180 degrees), $15 for 3D (360 degree), suction cup or hanger provided, add $5 for glow (colors: red, green, blues, aquamarine)

    4) Celtic Trinity Knots: $15, suction cup provided, add $2 for glow (colors: greens, red, white & blue, pink/red, blues & yellow (beach colors))

    5) Turtles: $12 with suction cup, $15 glow

    6) Seasonal Leaf Hoops: $30 each or $100 for four

    7) Nautical Flags: $30 each or $100 for four

luminart 1

Oak & Oyster

Katie Townsend of Quinton
To pre-order:
Payment options: Venmo & PayPal
Instagram: @shopoakandoyster

Products for the 6/13/20 Market:
  • Necklaces - oyster shell, antlers, wood and bone beads, horsehair tassels, suede - $50+
  • Tassel earrings - $18

oak and oyster 1

Oak Grove Farm

Richard Talley of Providence Forge
To pre-order: Call or text, email or personal message on Facebook
Payment options: Venmo, credit card (Square) and cash
Facebook: Oak Grove Farm and Meats LLC

Products for the 6/13/20 Market:
  • Eggs by the dozen
  • Pork -
    Pork Bacon - $11.00/lb
    Pork Breakfast Links: Hot Italian - $9.50/pack
    Pork Breakfast Links: Maple - $9.50/pack
    Pork Bulk Sausage: Hot - $8.50/pack
    Pork Bulk Sausage: Maple - $8.50/pack
    Pork Bulk Sausage: Sweet Italian - $8.50/pack
    Pork Chops - $10.50/lb
    Pork Grillers: Hot Italian - $9.50/pack
    Pork Grillers: Sweet Italian - $9.50/pack
    Pork Short Ribs - $11.00/lb
  • Beef -
    Beef 1/3lb Patties 3pk - $9.00/pack
    Beef 1/4lb Patties 4pk - $9.00/pack
    Beef Grillers: Andouille - $9.50/pack
    Beef Grillers: Bratwurst - $9.50/pack
    Beef Grillers: Hot - $9.50/pack
    Beef Grillers: Hot Italian - $9.50/pack
    Beef Grillers: Sage - $9.50/pack
    Beef Grillers: Sweet Italian - $9.50/pack
    Fajita Meat - $8.50/lb
    Ground Beef: Sweet Italian - $8.50/pack
    Kabob Meat - $8.50/lb
    Korean Style Ribs - $9.00/lb

oak grove 1

Old Tavern Farm

John Bryant of Quinton
To pre-order:
Instagram: @oldtavernfarmva

Products for the 6/13/20 Market:
  • Produce

Poplar Springs Farm

Jimmy & Regina Talley of Providence Forge
To pre-order: email (subject line should read: NK Farmers Market order 6/13/20
No pre-payment option. Cash or check preferred; will take charge/debit card with a 3% convenience fee added on day of Market.

Products for the 6/13/20 Market:
  • Milk Soap – large plain bars – avg. wt. 3.5 ozs. Bars are $4.00 ea. + tax (5.3%). Scents available for 6/13/20: Gardener’s Delight, Green Clover, Honeysuckle, Lavender essential oil, Lavender fragrance, Lavender Mint, Oatmeal Honey, Orange Clove, Peony, Rose, Warm Vanilla Sugar.
  • Beef -
    Ground beef – 1 lb. pkg. – $8.00 + 2.5% tax
    Patties – 1 lb. pkg. – 1/3 lb. patties – $9.00 + 2.5% tax
    Patties – 1 lb. pkg. – 1/4 lb. patties – $9.00 + 2.5% tax
    Beef Bratwurst Grillers – 4 per pkg. – $9.50 + 2.5% tax
    Beef Sweet Italian grillers – 4 per pkg. – $9.50 + 2.5% tax
    Beef Sweet Italian sausage – 1 lb. pkg. – $8.50 + 2.5% tax

poplar springs 1

Rockahock Farm

Nell Bartlett of Lanexa
To pre-order:
Payment options:

Products for the 6/13/20 Market:
  • Baked goods
  • Fruit butters
  • Eggs

rockahock farm 1


Joy Blake of the Tunstall area

To pre-order: email, phone or Facebook
Payment options: PayPal

Products for the 6/13/20 Market:
  • CBD products
    1 oz Standard Potency $24
    1 oz High Potency $60
    1 oz Pet $24
    2 oz Salve $50

CBD 4 products

Semper Pie

Joe and Heather Marino of Quinton
Pre-order by: Facebook Messenger
Payment options: Venmo preferred (can do credit card, cash)
Instagram: @semperpiepistrina

Products for the 6/13/20 Market:
  • Large Blueberry Streusel Muffins (A Farmers Market Favorite!)
    6 pack: $20; 12 pack: $30
  • Chocolate Cake - 3 Layer (THE Chocolate Cake...How it all began)
    Slice: $4 each
  • Carrot Cake - 3 Layer (No nuts, unless special order for whole cake)
    Slice: $4 each
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies (Some know these are "crack cookies" because they’re so addicting)
    6 pack: $8; 12 pack: $12
  • Snickerdoodle Cookies (Quite possibly better than Grandma’s!)
    6 pack: $8; 12 pack: $12
  • Mini Personal Fruit Pies - Cherry, Peach, or Blueberry
    $6 each
  • 9" NY Style Cheesecake - Plain, Strawberry or Blueberry (Light, creamy and full of flavor! A life changing experience!)

semper pie 1

Sunflower Woodcrafts

Tabetha Wilson of Providence Forge
Pre-order by:
Payment options: online payment on website, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, CashApp

Products for the 6/13/20 Market:
  • Handmade wood signs and decor items.

sunflower woodcrafts 1

Sweet Leaf Farm

Ashley Featherston of Quinton
Pre-order by:
Payment options:

Products for the 6/13/20 Market:
  • Microgreens


The Homeplace Farm

Donald, Taylor & Mary Kay Sellars of Barhamsville
Pre-order by: Facebook Messenger, call Donald (757-870-5539) or text Mary Kay (757-869-5603)
We are working on a website & we will let you know when it is up and running!
Payment options:

Products for the 6/13/20 Market:
  • Produce - tomatoes, squash, zucchini, spring onions (red & white), potatoes (red & white), sweet onions, cucumbers (long & pickers), broccoli, cauliflower, beets, string beans, peas (limited supply), kale, collards, strawberries (limited supply)

    3 baskets available:
    #1 ($15 basket) a little bit of what is popular to equal dollar amount
    #2 ($20 basket) same - just little more variety
    #3 ($25 basket) again either more variety or more product
    *we can also substitute or leave something out if you absolutely hate or have allergies to something so please specify when ordering*

the homeplace farm 2

Urban Egg-Scape Farm

Robbie & Becky Hogge of Lanexa
Pre-order by:
Payment options: Credit card, check, cash
Instagram: @urban_eggscape_farm

Products for the 6/13 Market:

  • Non-GMO fed/pasture raised pork
  • Non-GMO fed/pasture raised eggs
  • Pasture raised and grain fed beef
  • Wildflower honey

urban eggscape 1