County Seal

New Kent County Seal

Through the efforts of Chairwoman Patricia Paige, District 3 Supervisor, the County seal was re-vamped in 2020.

Below is the history of the creation of the seal in 1978:

These three figures of our early heritage represent the strength and courage it took mankind with homemade implements and faith to carve a future out of a wilderness and bring forth the pride and status we have today.

From the Native American man the settlers learned survival in the wilderness.

The English man came seeking freedoms.

Through his blood, sweat and tears, the African American man helped develop our many resources.

Our inheritance from these people studying, working and worshipping together is the culture we share in New Kent County today.

Our pride in the past gives us our faith in the future.

September 9, 1978
Edward M. Kurzman
New Kent County Seal Contest Winner

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