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O-02-16 O-02-16
Section 82-116 - Soil Stabilization
O-03-16-R1  O-03-16-R1
Imposing Tax Levies on Real and Personal Property for the 2016/2017 Tax Year
O-04-16 O-04-16
Ordinance to Amend Chapter 46, Offenses and Miscellaneous Provisions to Establish No Wake Areas in the County of New Kent, Virginia
O-08-16 O-08-16
Ordinance to Amend FY 2015-2016 Budget by Appropriating $950,000 to Purchase Real Property to be Used as a Public Library
O-09-16 O-09-16
Amending Appendix A of the New Kent County Code (Fee Schedule) to change certain fees charged for County services
O-10-16 - RECORDED O-10-16 - RECORDED
Riverside Investments Rezoning - ZM-01-16
O-11-16 - RECORDED O-11-16 - RECORDED
Windmill Realtors Rezoning - ZM-02-16
O-12-16  O-12-16
Wahrani Swamp AFD Withdrawal
O-13-16 O-13-16
York River AFD Withdrawal
O-14-16 O-14-16
Amending Art II Ch 98 Sec 98-62
O-15-16 O-15-16
Amending Art II Ch 91 Sec 91-27 et al
O-16-16 O-16-16
Amending Art VII Ch 91 Sec 91-126