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New Kent County, Virginia

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When do I need a land disturbance permit from the County?
A land disturbance permit is required if the ground disturbance on-site will be greater than 2,500 square feet. If the Land disturbance includes all areas that will be graded, or have dirt laid down and graded out, area that will have stockpiles, and any other disturbance that will result in the disturbance of the soil surface. Areas to be sure to include when estimating the area of disturbance are the area of construction, the drainfield, driveways, and areas where excavated material will be spread out and fine graded or stockpiled. For projects that are going to disturb approximately 1,000-2,499 square feet the County may require a Land Disturbance Screening Form. Agricultural activities have a special form as do mulching machine operations. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO DISTURBANCE WITHIN THE 100’ RESOURCE PROTECTION AREA (RPA), WHICH REQUIRES A DIFFERENT PERMIT. PLEASE CONTACT THE ENVIRONMENTAL DEPARTMENT FOR PROJECTS WITHIN THE RPA.


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