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Board of Supervisors

  1. Citizen Service Application Form

    If you are a citizen of New Kent County and would like to serve on one of the County's boards or commissions, complete and submit this... More…

Commissioner of Revenue

  1. Report Real Estate Factual Error

    Report a factual error on the real estate record.

  1. Update Mailing Address

    This form is used to submit a request for the update of a taxpayer's mailing address

Emergency Management

  1. CARES Act Budget Request
  2. New Kent County PPE Requests From County Partners

    Please complete this form if you are in need of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)/or disinfectant supplies for the COVID-19 Response... More…

  1. COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Volunteer Application

Sheriff's Office Forms

  1. Citizen Complaint Form

    Citizens may use this form to submit to the Sheriff's Office if they wish to complain about any Deputy or actions taken by the office.

  2. Employment Application

    This application is required to apply for any position within the New Kent Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office only accepts this... More…

  1. Citizens Complement/Commendation Form

    Citizens may use this form to submit to the Sheriff's Office if they wish to Complement or commend any Deputy or actions taken by the... More…

Social Services

  1. Emergency Financial Support Request

    Form used to request application for Emergency Financial Support from the New Kent Department of Social Services