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New Kent County, Virginia

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Utility Projects
Quinton Park & Minitree Glen Water Tank Renovations
Repainted 30,000 gallon storage tank at Quinton Park
Repainted Quinton Park 30,000 gallon storage tank
DPU has recently begun repairs & renovations to steel water storage tanks at its' small water systems.  The first two sites to be contracted were Quinton Park & Minitree Glen.  Work includes provision of temporary water storage tanks during the work period, interior/exterior sand blasting and repainting, insulating fill & drain lines, and installing additional manways on tanks to meet current OSHA requirements.  The renovations will extend the useful life of these tanks and improve water quality for residents of the subdivisions.

The work is being performed by Town Hall Painting of Virginia Beach, with a contract completion date of March 2018.

Cleaning the interior of the Quinton Park pressure tank

Repainted interior of the Quinton Park pressure tank

minitree tank.jpg
Preparing the Minitree Glen storage tank