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New Kent County, Virginia

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Broadband Advisory Committee
Broadband Advisory Committee
  • Members are at-large and appointed by the Board of Supervisors
  • Function:   to assist the County in planning, administration and implementation of New Kent County’s Virginia Telecommunication Initiative Planning Grant to study the feasibility of expanding broadband service in the County. 
  • Chartered on 12/14/15 by Resolution R-41-15 which expires 1/31/17.  Because this committee is appointed to support the Telecommunication Initiative Planning Grant which has a nine-month expiration, there should be no need for charter renewal.
  • Composition:  should contain at least 17 members each serving terms expiring on January 31, 2017.  Membership will be as follows:  Each District Supervisor will appoint one member to the committee.  In addition, membership will include a Board of Supervisor member, the County Administrator, the New Kent County School Superintendent, the New Kent County IT Director, the New Kent County Community Development Director, the New Kent County Chamber of Commerce President or designee, the Bridging Community Career and Technical Center Superintendent, a Rappahannock Community College representative, a Richmond Regional Planning District Commission representative and three County business owners.
  • Compensation: none provided
  •  Terms:  beginning upon appointment and ending with the expiration of the charter on 1/31/17.