Residential Permits

Single Family Dwellings and Building Permits

Single Family Dwellings

The applications below are used for single family dwellings. Applicants are required to apply in person or by mail to satisfy the need for the original signatures, license verification, and payment. We cannot accept faxed applications. Have all applications that pertain to you filled out prior to submittal. Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted. Applications are accepted daily from 8:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Please call (804) 966-9680 with any questions.

Single Family Dwelling (PDF) (Stick, Panelized, Modular)
Manufactured Home (Single and Doublewide) (PDF)
Manufactured Home Supplement (PDF)

An accessory structure is any structure on your property other than a single family dwelling. This includes decks, garages, sheds, pools, docks, bulkheads, interior renovations, etc. Use the application below for all accessory structures.

Building Permits

Building Permit (PDF)

Deck Detail

This detail can be used as your plan for building a deck.

Deck Detail (PDF)

Please see below for other applications, sub applications, permit amendments, and inspection information.

Sub Applications

Use the below applications for all trade submittals.

Sub Permit Fees (PDF)
Electrical Permit (PDF)
Plumbing Permit (PDF)
Mechanical Permit (PDF)

A separate mechanical permit is required to be pulled by the contractor that is installing fireplace inserts.

Inspection Information

Below is inspection information for single family dwellings and accessory structures. There is a $55.00 missed inspection fee incurred for each inspection that is not called in. For inspections that have failed twice or that are called in and are not ready when the inspector arrives, there will be a $55.00 fee.

Burn Permits

Burn permits are required for any residential or commercial burning activities. This applies to residents burning brush and a commercial contractor involving land clearing (pit burning). Presently, there is no charge for such activities. This application is available and submitted through the Building Development Department and then forwarded to the Fire Marshal. After that time, you may direct any questions to the Fire Marshal's Office at (804) 966-9618. Please note that the permit process can take up to 14 days to issue.

Burn Permit (PDF)
Demolition Permit (PDF)

Other Applications and Forms

Additional applications for use:

Amendment to Existing Permit (PDF)
Change of Contractor (PDF)
Change Mechanics Lien Agent (PDF)
Change of Use (PDF)
Sign Disclosure Form (PDF)