About the Department

New Kent Fire-Rescue was established to provide all fire and emergency medical services to the residents of the County of New Kent, as well as services related to civilian safety and evacuation in disasters and emergencies. New Kent County takes pride in having a combined volunteer and career department that complements each others' abilities and talents to best serve its residents.



The following functions of our department continue to be the driving force in creating an organization with the mission of every decision results in improved service delivery to the customer.

  • Create a system that makes operability a standard practice
  • Minimize the threat of all disasters, including fire through awareness, preparation, and mitigation
  • Provide a safe environment in which our customers live and visit
  • Provide a seamless integration of all emergency responders, focusing on competency, compassion, and consistency
  • Provide the highest quality of emergency medical treatment at the basic and advanced life support levels
  • Safely provide aggressive response with trained personnel in all emergencies
  • Seek alternative funding methods to provide the maximum level of fiscal responsibility
  • Take a proactive approach to developing relationships with our business community in the areas of fire prevention and education, economic development, and emergency preparedness