Public Utilities

*New Disconnection Policy*

Any utility account that is 60 days or more past due is subject to disconnection. Payments made after 4:30 (after hours) on the date of utility disconnections will be scheduled for reconnection on the next business day. For the entire policy, click here.

Services & Goals

The New Kent County Department of Public Utilities is dedicated to providing safe, reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable utility services to the residents, businesses, and industries that depend on it. The department’s goal is to balance resource management and economic growth, while supporting approved developments and planning appropriately for future needs.

Public Utilities Informational Brochure


The Department of Public Utilities is responsible for the operation and management of the public water and sewer systems. Its operation and management procedures are set forth by the Board of Supervisors in Chapter 38 of the County Code. A copy of the procedures, rates, and rules is available for public review at the County Administration Building or online.

Connection Requirements

Any residential, commercial, or industrial structure located on a parcel of land that abuts upon a street or other public way containing a water or sewer main must connect to the public utility system unless non-user status is granted by the Director of Public Utilities.

All connections to the public utility system must be made in accordance with the latest revision of the New Kent County Utility Standards.

Additional Information

Please call us for more information regarding water and sewer availability and connection requirements.