Billing & Payment

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Meter Reading & Billing

Water meters are read bi-monthly (every other month) as close as practical to the last Tuesday of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. Meters are read to the nearest 1,000 gallons and billed based on the prevailing water usage rate. In subdivisions where sewer service is provided, the prevailing sewerage rate is billed based on the water meter reading, unless a County-owned irrigation meter is in use. Bills are mailed within approximately 10 days, and are due within 30 days, typically by the end of the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Utility Payments

All payments must be made through the New Kent County Treasurer’s Office, PO Box 109, 12007 Courthouse Cir, New Kent, Virginia 23124.

A return mail envelope is included with each utility bill for customers wishing to pay by check or money order. Do not mail cash. Please include your customer number on all utility payments.

The New Kent County Treasurer’s Office accepts utility payments in the form of cash, check/money order or credit card, and is located in the County Administration Building, 12007 Courthouse Circle, New Kent, Virginia, 23124.

Customers paying by check or money order may also use the after-hours payment drop box located in the parking lot of the Admin. Building. Do not leave cash in the drop box.

Utility payments cannot be made by phone.

**Once the bills are mailed, the County has no control over the delivery/receipt of the bill. FAILURE TO RECEIVE A BILL DOES NOT EXEMPT THE CUSTOMER FROM PAYING THE BILL, LATE FEES AND/OR RECONNECTION/SERVICE FEES. We recommend that, if you have not received your bill by the 15th of the month, that you contact our office to obtain your balance due. When calling, please be sure to provide us with your Service Number or Customer Number.**

Late Fees

A late fee of 10% or $5.00 (whichever is greater) will be assessed on all utility accounts not received by the Treasurer’s Office on or before the payment due date. Please note that New Kent County does not accept electronic bank transfers, therefore, online payments through your bank may take 5-7 days (or longer) to be received by the Treasurer’s Office. Payments are posted by the Treasurer’s Office upon receipt. Payments are posted upon receipt and are not held for any reason. Public Utilities cannot waive late fees for bills or utility payments which are delayed or lost in delivery.

Turn-off for Non-Payment

Utility accounts 60 days past due are subject to turn-off. After the turn-off date, a reconnection fee of $50.00 is assessed before service can be reinstated. For the complete disconnection policy, click here.

Returned Checks

A returned check fee of $35.00 will be charged for all returned checks. Additionally, all appropriate late fees & reconnection fees resulting from the unpaid utility account will be assessed.

Change of Address

Customers wishing to change their billing address must contact Public Utilities and make their address change request in writing.

Termination of Service

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to notify Public Utilities of their desire to terminate utility service. Customers wishing to voluntarily terminate service must submit a completed Termination of Service form to Public Utilities. All open accounts are subject to the minimum utility service charge, regardless of the usage.

Termination of Service form (PDF)