Resource Conservation

New Kent Department of Public Utilities understands that we are reliant on the natural resources of the region and are therefore committed to incorporating the best management & conservation practices practicable in the provision of water & sewer services. These principles are further strengthened by strict regulatory oversight of our withdrawals & discharges from the state (DEQ) & federal (EPA) levels.

Wise use of the water & sewer system by DPU customers helps prevent utility emergencies, minimize maintenance and postpone or eliminate system upgrades. Lower operating, maintenance & capital costs for DPU translates directly into lower utility costs for our customers.


Lawn irrigation represents a substantial portion of DPU's water demand in the summer months. Increased demand puts a strain on utility infrastructure, and expedites the need for costly repairs & upgrades. Ultimately, those costs are passed on to utility customers in the form of increased utility rates.

DPU water customers can assist in deferring the need (and cost) of meeting irrigation demands by thoroughly evaluating their irrigation need, planting drought tolerant landscapes & turf and operating a smart & efficient irrigation system.

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