Commissioner of Revenue Registering a New Business

Do You Need a Business License?

New Kent County Code (Chapter 66 Article VI. - Business License Taxes) requires that any person engaging in business, trade or profession in New Kent County shall apply for a business license prior to conducting business, with the following exceptions:

  • No license tax or fee is imposed on a manufacturer for the privilege of manufacturing and selling goods, wares and merchandise at wholesale at the place of manufacture. The three elements necessary for a process to be considered manufacturing is the presence of an original material referred to as raw material, a process whereby the raw material is changed and a resulting product which is different from the original raw material.
  • No license tax or fee is imposed on Out of County Contractors with annual gross receipts in New Kent County less than $25,000.
  • Other exclusions as defined by § 58.1-3703 (C) in the Code of Virginia.

Guide to Registering a New Business

  • Step 1 - File a Business Name
  • Step 2 - File for Certification of Zoning
  • Step 3 - Submit Forms as Required
  • Step 4 - Complete BL Application
  • Step 5 - Submit BL Application

Additional Information for Registering Your Business

All entities conducting business in the Commonwealth of Virginia must register their business with the Virginia Department of Taxation (TAX). You can register online using VATAX Online Services.

To assist with the process of registering your business, the Virginia Department of Business Assistance (VDBA) provides a one-stop-service for technical assistance related to business formation, access to capital, workforce development and entrepreneurial workshops.  VDBA also provides an online interactive Business One Stop system to assist you in registering your business with several Virginia state and local agencies.

Depending upon the type of business, you may need to register with more than one agency. For example:

Other valuable resources: