General Victim Witness Assistance Information

Important Phone Numbers

  • New Kent Sheriff's Office: 804-966-9500
  • New Kent Social Services: 804-966-1853
  • New Kent Victim-Witness Assistance Program: 804-966-9604
  • New Kent Commonwealth's Attorney's Office: 804-966-5548
  • Adult Protective Service Hotline: 888-832-3858
  • Child Protective Service Hotline: 800-552-7096
  • Shelters and Support:

 Bridges of Change: 804-335-4019, (See "Domestic Violence Resources")

  • Project Hope: 1-877-966-4357, 804-966-8720

After the Incident

  • You may be contacted by an investigator for a follow-up interview
  • You may be contacted by a victim advocate
  • You may be required to appear in court to testify
  • By law, you are allowed to take time off work for court appearances (VA Code §40.1-28.7:2)
  • Contact law enforcement if you are threatened or intimidated by the accused, companions or friends of the accused, or family members of the accused

Law Enforcement Response

When law enforcement responds to an incident of family violence, the law requires officers to:

  • Make an arrest if probable cause exists
  • File a report, regardless if arrest is made
  • Provide information regarding legal and community resources
  • Provide a summary report to abused person, upon request
  • Petition for an Emergency Protective Order, if there is a possibility of further danger
  • Transport (or arrange for transport) the abused person to a hospital, safe shelter or magistrate.
  • If an EPO is obtained, you will be served with a copy
  • If a warrant is obtained, the charges will be prosecuted by the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office, who makes decisions concerning the prosecution of the case

Victim's Rights

As a victim of a crime, you may be entitled to a variety of rights and services under Virginia law, such as:  

Information about:

  • Protection
  • Financial assistance, including social services and Criminal Injuries
  • Compensation Fund 
  • Address & phone number confidentiality 
  • Separate waiting areas 
  • Closed preliminary hearing or closed circuit TV (in sexual assault cases)
  • Remaining in the courtroom during Proceedings 
  • Making a Victim Impact Statement

 Assistance in: 

  • Obtaining protection
  • Recovering property held by law Enforcement
  • Intercession with your employer to attend Court
  • Obtaining advanced notice of court proceedings or plea agreements
  • Receiving the services of an interpreter

Notification of:

  • Bond hearings
  • Changes in court dates
  • Release of an incarcerated defendant
  • Defendant's appeals/Habeas Corpus proceedings or parole hearings (if applicable)

For a complete list of the rights and services available to you, obtain a copy of 'An Informational Guide to Virginia's Crime Victim and Witness Rights Act.'

Some of these rights require a written request. In addition, you must provide your current address and contact information and update that information when it changes.

For more information about your rights as a victim or a witness, or to receive these and other services, contact the New Kent Victim Witness Assistance Program: 

12001 Courthouse Circle, New Kent, VA 23124

Protective Orders

To begin the process:

  1. Complete a Petition at the Court Services Unit (married, shared child, family members) or General District Court Clerk's Office (dating partners). You can:

 - Ask for no further acts of abuse and/or no contact

  - Request temporary possession of a home, vehicle, and/or pet

  - Request temporary custody of children

 2. Receive a hearing date from JDR Court

 3. Appear on the hearing date to explain to the judge why you are seeking a protective order

 - Describe what happened in detail

 - Show any injuries or damaged property

 - Keep your final order in a safe place

 4. Protective Orders do not go into effect until the abuser is served.

List of legal terms (PDF) used for your convenience.