Become a Producer

The New Kent Farmers Market (NKFM) is a producers-only market. No reselling of purchased items is permitted unless approved by the market manager. All producers must participate in growing/making the produce/products that they sell or have a partnership with the farm/producer from which they are selling products. Items permitted for sale are Virginia-grown fresh fruits and berries, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, landscaping and vegetable plants, cut flowers, eggs, cheese, honey, and meats. All products must be in accordance with Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) guidelines. Baked goods and other value-added products (such as jellies, jams, preserves, pickles, and roasted coffee) prepared by the producer according to VDACS standards may also be sold. The producer is responsible for all required licenses and certifications. Crafts and non-food items (including soaps, cosmetics, and some herbal products) made by the producer may be sold as long as they are locally produced. Crafts and non-food items may not account for more than 25% of participating producers.

New Kent Farmers Market 2024 Guidelines
New Kent Farmers Market Liability Waiver

The 2024 summer market season begins May 4 and runs through August 31. Select applications are now being accepted. Please review the two documents above, apply for the 2024 New Kent Farmers Market season using the market application link below, and then provide the requested additional information to Applications are not considered complete until all additional documentation has been received.

New Kent Farmers Market 2024 Application

If you have any questions concerning the New Kent Farmers Market, contact the New Kent County Administration Office at (804) 557-3200 or