Everything I read is full of acronyms, what do they all mean?

Common acronyms that are found when dealing with environmental items: 

ACOE, ACE, Corps – Army Corps of Engineers (Federal Agency) 

AFD – Agricultural and Forestal Districts (Planning Department) 

CBPA – Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act or Area 

CSWCD - Colonial Soil and Water Conservation District (State Agency) 

DCR – Department of Conservation and Recreation (State Agency) 

DEQ – Department of Environmental Quality (State Agency)  

DOF – Department of Forestry (State Agency) 

EPA – Environmental Protection Agency (Federal Agency) 

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency (Federal Agency)  

HOA - Homeowners' Association 

JPA – Joint Permit Application

RLD – Responsible Land Disturber 

RMA – Resource Management Area 

RPA – Resource Protection Area 

SWPPP - Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

VDOT – Virginia Department of Transportation (State Agency) 

VIMS – Virginia Institute of Marine Science (State Entity) 

VMRC – Virginia Marine Resources Commission (State Agency) 

VPDES - Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System 

VSMP – Virginia Stormwater Management Program

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4. Everything I read is full of acronyms, what do they all mean?
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