When do I need a land disturbance permit from the County?

Land disturbance is defined as any manmade change to the land surface that potentially changes its runoff characteristics including clearing, grading, or excavation. A permit is required for ALL new home construction and when the land disturbance exceeds 2,500 square feet. When estimating the amount of land disturbance, areas of construction, areas used for access and material storage, drainfield areas, driveways, and areas that will be graded should be included in the calculation. The County may require a Screening Form if the disturbed area is less than 2,500 square feet, which allows the Environmental Department to monitor the site to ensure the 2,500 square foot threshold is not exceeded. If it is, a land disturbance permit will be required. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO RESOURCE PROTECTION AREAS (RPA). PLEASE CONTACT THE ENVIRONMENTAL DEPARTMENT FOR PROJECTS WITHIN THE RPA.

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1. When do I need a land disturbance permit from the County?
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