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NKFR Volunteer Application


  1. 1. Acknowledgement
  2. 2. Personal Information
  3. 3. Background/History
  4. 4. Qualifications, Skills, & Training
  5. 5. Education Background
  6. 6. Employment History
  7. 7. Volunteer Experience
  8. 8. References
  • Acknowledgement

    1. Applicants must complete all sections of this application. This application should not be construed as a contract. Volunteer service with New Kent Fire-Rescue as an operational fire and/or EMS provider is at will and may be terminated at any time, with or without notice and/or cause. This application involves volunteer service only and does not create or confer any employment rights on the volunteer. The County of New Kent expressly disclaims any employment obligations whatsoever for volunteers accepted into service.